lighthorizontalAfter many years of attempting to juggle various blogs, websites, and social media platforms Christa and I (Jonathan) are consolidating into CJ Reuel! This reflects what is happening in our lives and work in general.

Christa and I have spent many years supporting each other’s artistic endeavors, but in the last several years we have had the opportunity to collaborate on larger projects that require all our artistic and musical skills and experience — plus creative thinking and the capacity to build teams. This has been a gratifying and challenging shift for both of us, and (to be honest), something that we dreamed about 22 years ago when we first met as hippie-ish Jesus lovers convinced art and music could change the world.

This new website will become a hub to all things Reuel — large installation projects, travel stories, creativity tools, new recordings, upcoming gatherings and shows, as well as our meandering thoughts about life, the multiverse and anything.