How to create art that would support the themes of the Conference and draw people in through their senses to experience the ideas that were being presented in a meaningful and life changing way.


Christa created 7 large tent-like art pieces, one for each of the regions where members of the organization serve. This established a visual context for the conference, and provided places for reflection and prayer. Each participant left with a folded triangle, lit from inside, carrying a reminder of the ideas and internal changes that happened during conference.

Jonathan wrote a song for each of the regions. One song “Love Take Me Home” particularly connected with the group, and a number of people told us they got emotional because the songs described their situation and dreams/struggles.

“I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the art until it was gone. I feel now like there is something missing or somehow wrong or out of place. It really helped me engage in a much more multifaceted way.”