Original music plays an important role in our installations.  Jonathan writes the basic songs and collaborates with other musicians and producers for the recordings.  Working from interviews and research, he pens tunes that speak to the context of the individual or organization we are partnering with.  The result is encouraging and motivating and can be an antidote to isolation.


Jonathan Reuel has been writing music for thirty years. His songs have been sung and recorded by folk musicians, a cappella groups, and bands. He has toured extensively as a solo artist and with bands.  Jonathan Reuel grew up on a steady diet of hymns, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Vivaldi, the Beach Boys, praise choruses and Bach. He began writing songs in earnest after a high school breakup/crisis of faith. Raised across three continents, Jonathan found music and spirituality provided anchor points and a context for honesty and hope in the midst of change and loss.

Jonathan is part of a folk duo called Surge On Smith which is fronted by Kelly Clemons. All the songs are co written.


Leaving Meantime


Steady As A Garden


Music in Worship

Jonathan has written a number of songs over the years that are used in corporate worship contexts — in small groups, churches or retreat environments. Frustrated by a growing sense of disconnection from popular worship music, Jonathan has been developing songs and a way of thinking about corporate singing in faith communities that incorporates original music, hymns, contemporary songs, scripture and poetry, improvisation and popular non-religious songs. The “star model” has proved to be a helpful way of thinking about music in worship for other similarly discontented pilgrims.
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