Listen to A River and a Song from Rest Now (The Robot EP). Feel free to download the song and share it.

A New Recording
We called it “Rest Now.” It’s a seven song EP collaboration with Ben Martin, a former guitar student. Ben and I wrote these songs together when Christa and I lived in North Carolina and decided they were too good to let sit. The album has a story running through it including a robot with flowers growing on his head (as you can see from the drawings and paintings I did). We recorded it in three days in Asheville earlier this winter.

The whole project was fun, but one of the most meaningful parts for me was the privilege of working with a younger artist who is just getting started and probably wouldn’t have done a project like this on his own.  The record ended up being a wonderful balance of youthful passion (green) and more mature reflection (gray).

A River and a Song tells the story of a girl whose mother is dying. The girl runs away, searching for a river rumored to have healing properties. That’s the backdrop; you may find other meanings. Enjoy it, turn it up and dance!

We gave you a great song, but the whole record is good. You can order it here: